domingo, 3 de marzo de 2013


Hello Hello!! How are you my little fellas?

So here I am to talk you bout the Comic Relief, I know that maybe its not a full fashion thing but a small part of it is!!! you will see

Comic Relief is a Charity Organisation from the UK who helps children all over Africa and across the UK, and this year to collect money famous people are doing some challenges, song, and they have put out there some funny stuff that will help to rise some money

Some of the stuff are noses, pens, wrist bands, head bands, t-shirts designed by Stella McCartney, singles etc.

You can found out more about this day here

I'm going to show you what I have bought

Pen from Ryman 

Marilyn T-shirt from tk-maxx

Red nose from Sansbury's 

Those things are what I own but there are loads and loads of funny stuff that aren't expensive and you are doing something nice for the kids so don't doubt any more and buy something


Nothing more to say except that see you this week again!!

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