miércoles, 6 de febrero de 2013

New sweater!

Hello hello!!

I'm sorry that actually so late for the updating but I've moved to London last Sunday so I couldn't do anything before.

And I have to tell you guys that i have AN OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE!! https://www.facebook.com/blondeandfashionista?ref=stream DO NOT FORGET TO LIKE IT!!

So how's everyone doing? I hope you're OK like me, I'm so tired all the time haha

Well I bring you the new thing on my closet that I bought it before leave my house. It's from Zara.

I'm sorry that my post is really short but I'm really really tired and tomorrow I have to works, hopefully next week I'll bring you a brand new post just for you!! 

And for the end, I want to tell you that my good friends and I are having a collaboration so Do you want to read an amazing makeup blog? Do not doubt anything and check the links below out from Lor&Shay <33 xx.

http://lorandshay.wordpress.com/ their blog
http://www.facebook.com/lorandshay.revdrama.7 their official Facebook page!

Good Luck & Best Wishes 

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