lunes, 18 de febrero de 2013

New Military Jacket


Two week has passed since I moved to London and a lot of things happened!! I'm starting to  feel a little bit British right now and that cool but this week on Tuesday I had a bad homesick :( but im OK!

So last Friday I met up with my friends LOR&SHAY from the makeup blog (links below) and we had a lovely day! We went to Hollister, Victoria Secrets Store and more places. For lunch we had Nando's and at the afternoon we decided to go to some stores like TopShop, HMV (where I bought some albums), New Look, Primark and Forever 21.

There in Forever 21 I saw THE JACKET!, the jacket I've been looking for it for more than a year now and I finally bought it!!

My jacket is a Military Jacket, military green, with leather sleeves and some gold and silver tacks on the pocket and in neckline.

1. The Jacket from Forever 21

2. Tacks 

So there is my Military Jacket I hope you like it as much as I do. And before leave remember during this week we have two Ceremony Awards, on Wednesday the BRITS Awards and on Sunday The Oscar Awards!

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