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How to wear jewellery

Hello!! I know has been a little while but like I tell you before  I’m moving into London for a few months and I am busy packing everything

Today I’m going to show you some tips about “how to wear jewellery  that will match with your clothes and your face, so there we go….

General Tips
5 maximum
Wear too much clothes will steal the glamour, and is not necessary to wear every single piece of your jewellery  So the less jewellery your wear the better it is.
Keep the balance
If you are wearing a large and striking necklace, keep the rest of your jewellery as simple as possible. Wear small earrings and maybe some rings or watch very very simple

Jewels in contrast
If your outfit is dark and opaque enhances with a light colours jewellery like red, lemon green or turquoise. And if your outfit is about light colours you should wear pearls, gold and silver.
Basic rings
You don’t need to wear a ring in every single of your finger but if you want to do it be sure that they are small. And if you have a big ring wears it alone.
The jewellery with gems is very elegance if you wear them with moderation. If you wear earrings with striking rhinestones the rest of the jewellery can be with gold or silver.

Jewels as occasion
In the morning wear simple things made of gold, silver or pearls. At night is the perfect time to bring out all the big jewellery but with moderation remember that.

Jewellery to wear


You always should avoid the necklace too near to your neck because its going to bring the optical effect that your neck is shorter that it actually is. And of you war them longer the effect if going to be just the opposite.

The nearest necklaces to your neck are perfect to wear them if your neckline is too big or with strapless clothes.


The long thin earrings should be combining with V neckline or collar.

If you wear a turtleneck, avoid wearing earrings that are too large. The rounded necklines go well with any type of earrings.


If you wear a top or blouse with long sleeves and dark color, combine it with a ring of colored stones. On the other hand, blouses with sleeves encompassed go best with silver rings, gold or platinum, you will hone your hands

About your face
1.If you have a square face is the opposite of the face can be balanced using previous earrings as elongated, oval or boys as well as rings. Avoid large earrings that dangle.

2. For those with a round face in this case has something in common with the previous designs as either elongated oval, linear or rectangular are best. Avoid designs large round earrings that dangle.

3. If you have Oblong Face or Rectangular we recommend using designs that are those round wheels or rings. Avoid wearing long earrings designs with the same shape of your face.

4. For girls who have the inverted triangular face or heart you should avoid earrings that resemble inverted triangular shape that is ending in a point and are wider at the top. Almost all types of earrings favour this face considering the above advice.

5. If you have the Diamond Face can use all kinds of earrings. It tends to be a large face so preferably the earrings should be

miércoles, 23 de enero de 2013

Some Fashion Tips To Be An “It-Girl” This Winter 2013.

Hello hello!!!!
How are you today? Are you ready for the cold weather?? The Winter is here with us and here there are some fashion tips to be an “it-girl” this Winter 2013.
If you don’t know the “Fashionista clothes” for this year I’m going to give you the “must” list for this winter so let’s go and take notes!!!


This is the Top 5 of clothes and accessories that have to be in your closet this winter.
- “Sneakers”
These wedge sneakers are all the rage.Every single celebrity have one of those. From the classical black one or camel to the light red or light blue.

- Military Jacket

The parkas and jackets with military detailing are a must for this winter. With studs and skulls.

- Denim Shirt
The denim shirt comes harder than ever, this classic has never left our closets. Combine them with a short skirt and cowboy boots or even on your shirt with your jeans or dress pants. Ideal for any casual occasion!

- Leather Little Black Dress
Leather garments are the hottest this winter. Use jackets, miniskirts or tight dresses with sexy designs and rockers. Wore them with a stiletto heel shoes and ready for an explosive night!

- Biker Boots
If you don’t have biker boots, what are you waiting? They are very comfortable, you can use them on rainy days and you can wear them both with your favorite jeans and shorts or miniskirts with your sexiest. Now you just have to get on a Harley Davidson to be the most disruptive.

- Sequined Skirt

The straws or better known as sequins, are hard to decorate your skirts and accessories and give the entire glamour to your outfits. Combine with a silk shirt for a special event or with a shirt and flat boots to offer a casual look, but going to last forever. Elegance and wellness!


- Bordeaux
This fashionable color can purchase different versions. In its most classic range is ideal for day and night while you can wear it in a total look. His version find rock the jeans and knit sweater, perfect for combining with sequined skirts.

- Klein Blue
Wear it in key minimalist sexy mini dresses or black with gold accents. The best part? It is very easy to wear and is very flattering tone.

- Metals
Gold, silver and bronze are the jewels of the new season. Suitable for day and night, your best friend is black. These fashionable colors brighten clothes with an air of glamor.

- Green
 Dress color of "hope" during the long days of winter. The green comes stomping in their different shades. emerald, pepper, bottle or khaki are all protagonists. Military fashion has become the king of street style.

 And well you don't have to forget the white and black.


martes, 22 de enero de 2013

The Rock’N’Roll Mansion by H&M Collection

Few days ago H&M said who is going to be the new face of their new “low-cost” collection called Rock’N’Roll Mansion. The new face is Georgia May Jagger the famous daughter of Mick Jagger  (The Rolling Stones).

The 21 year old blondie girl is the perfect choice for the mix of fashion and music, as it girl she has been a rock and grunge inspiration for a lot of people.

"I don’t have a concrete daily look. I wear what makes me feel good. A day can be piped trousers and the next day a dress with boots. “– said Georgia. This collection is perfect for her because is exactly her style and she didn’t doubt anything to so this photoshoot.

We just have a little preview of the new collection but until the moment of the official pictures come out Georgia told this "I think music has a great influence on fashion. It takes many years to do so. The music creates a certain mood and people dress according to this state. I think they are closely related”. Thanks to that little sneak peek we know is based on white and incorporating many grunge-inspired details like zippers, studs and leather.

I’m gonna leave you some picture of the Rock’N’Roll Mansion by H&M collection.